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The purpose of this blog

The original purpose of this blog was to offer some 'autism friendly' ideas and strategies for parents during a lengthy period of home-learning due to Covid-19. As children and young people return to school or college, so this blog reaches a natural time to finish. I will leave the content available, but please bear in mind that some links may no longer work and access to some resources may have changed and/or may no longer be free. I may occasionally post content when appropriate, for example updates regarding local lockdowns, blended learning issues or when new resources become available.  I hope this blog has been of some use. Good luck as your children return to school and college. 

Resources to support activities at home

So, back into lockdown... Most children and young people will continue to attend Early Years settings, schools or colleges, however this may be interrupted by 2 week self-isolation periods for some. In addition, families and friends will be unable to socialise face-to-face and so it is essential to find alternative ways for social contact with loved ones. I will continue to add resources here to support activities at home and will also be on the look-out for more ways to support virtual social interaction. Browse through my archive to find many more resources and suggestions. Social Article explaining the 2nd lockdown rules: Great visual resources from  @Georgia_SLT #speechies to explain rules for second lockdown, Free download H ere are a couple of examples to illustrate:  You could use these to illustrate a Social Story or Article about 2nd lockdown rules. Young Minds : How to mentally prepare for another lockdown   Social interaction  on zoom (young children)   The SEN Resou

Back to School Resources

Some useful resources for preparing to go back to school: Great visual from  the Scottish Government and NLC Communication Friendly Schools   Masks in secondary schools    For more great visuals, follow  @SchoolsNlc  Lovely story by Kezia Matthews about bubbles for children going back to nursery: Bubbles at nursery      Going back to school resource from Children's Commissioner for England - A guide for children to tell them some of the changes they might see when they go back to school this September as well as providing tips on how to cope if they’re feeling worried or nervous and helpful resources to stay safe. Free to download  Social stories from 'AND NEXT COMES L' Video social stories from the Rainbow Classroom: Back to school social story from  ELSA support Two lovely 'wordless stories', free to download from Beyond Words  Beyond words stories Summary of face covering rules from Ambitious about Autism Checklist for parents   from Ambitious about Autism Ad

Physical and Emotional Aspects of School Return: Be Prepared

September is approaching fast! This post reflects upon the physical and emotional aspects of returning to school or college and considers ways to prepare your son or daughter to support a positive return. Many of us are beginning to return to a more 'normal' routine, although we may still have anxieties due to ongoing uncertainties regarding the impact of this pandemic. Most youngsters have been at home for months, so preparing them for the transition back to school/college is crucial. Of particular importance to consider are the physical and emotional aspects of returning to school/college. Use the next couple of weeks to prepare yourself and your child - this preparation  may help to reduce anxieties for you and for your children and support a positive return.  Physical and Emotional Aspects of Returning to School or College Many youngsters will feel  anxious about returning to school or college. Their anxiety may show itself in many different ways, for example: Autistic chil